Private tours

Free Tours Groningen shows you around in the great city of Groningen. The duration of the tour is 1½ hours. You’ll hear stories about the past and the present, and you’ll get a local’s perspective on where to eat, drink and party.

Our tour is a great way to get to know Groningen quickly. All the guides thoroughly experienced the Groningen life and know the city like the back of their hands. While walking, you can feel the atmosphere of the city, meet interesting people and ask us everything you want to know.

Besides the Free Tours on Saturday we also offer the possibility to book private tours with us. Perfect for families/friends/companies and possible on week days as well! A private tour takes you to the same spots and places as the Free Tour, and also the duration of the tour will be the same (1½ hours). A private tour costs 80 euros, no matter how many people join in (max. 15 persons).

If you would like to request a private tour, please send us an email:
We will come back to you as quick as possible!

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