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Free Tours Groningen is an initiative of Aletta, Erik, Henriëtte, Lars, Mark, Roy and Thijs.

Hi! My name is Aletta and you can find me around the city since I was 12. After finishing secondary school I left Groningen for my art studies. I returned but left again for two years to travel the world. With fresh new ideas (like these Free Tours!) I settled down in the city in 2018, together with Thijs. I am more than ready to show you and explore our beautiful hometown together with you! Besides working as a guide for Free Tours Groningen, I am working as a visual artist and as a teacher in arts.

Hi! I’m Henriëtte, born and raised in Groningen. I was an editor at an educational publisher for several years and I worked as a teacher in special education for a long period. After I walked an old pilgrims’ path in Scandinavia on my own, I felt it was time for a change. So, I became a tour guide, walking guide and city guide. It makes me feel very proud and happy to show you around my wonderful hometown for Free Tours Groningen.

Hello you! I’m Lars, 23 years old, and the youngest tour guide in the team! Ever since I started studying in Groningen four years ago, the city has felt like home! As a History student, being a tour guide in my favourite city is all that I could wish for! Besides studying, I am also actively involved in the Groningen student life, organising all sorts of activities by and for students! I hope to see you around soon so that I can share with you my passion for Groningen!

Hi, my name is Mark, I am 45 years old and was born and raised in this beautiful city. I work as a technical designer at an architectural firm in Groningen. I would love to show you this vibrant city; the history, student life, and the people. Come along and discover Groningen with me!

My name is Thijs (37) and I have lived in Groningen since I was a student. I have travelled around the world a lot during and after my studies. With my girlfriend Aletta I’ve made a long, beautiful world trip for almost two years. After we came back we decided to start a travel company: “The Great Unknown“. Led by the idea that you don’t always have to travel far to discover beautiful new things, we came up with the idea to add these Free Tours to our travel company.

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